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Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

the soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

hath had elsewhere its setting,

and cometh from afar.


Not in entire forgetfulness,

and not in utter nakedness,

but trailing clouds of glory

do we come from God,

Who is our Home.


-William Wordsworth


Where did January go? It has been quite a busy month between weather conditions and all sorts of new beginnings.  My Kick! this month continues with my “Connecting Tissues” entry on “The Birth of a Dis-ease”.  My objective for these entries is to provide you with informational tools that will help identify when certain emotions popped up and how to decipher where they reside in order to address them, bless them, and move forward.


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2014 has also brought a wonderful shift for me: Abingdon Hypnosis Center is now up and running! Please note that I offer Smoking Cessation as well as Weight Release sessions as well as past life regressions and intuitive readings. My approach to smoking, weight, Diabetes Management, and other “tissue issues” is unique. Looking at the emotional component is key to helping you move forward. My fees are beyond reasonable, designed to help you help yourself.


It is my intention over the course of this year to not only have a thriving hypnotherapy practice but also begin teaching and certification programs for others for hypnosis as well as certification for Past Life Regression. Please check out the “work in progress” at www.AbingdonHypnosis.com

Enjoy the new entries and my new site! All my best, Catherine



Catherine Schrenker Poole, CHt. combines many years as an academic with intuitive expertise to consult on color and our emotional response to color. Her client base is international and includes corporate consults as well as personal consults regarding color, emotions, and how it all connects to your life, career, health, and behavior.

She reaches across the globe with her unique ability to interpret your current challenges through connecting color with thought and emotions.

Her client base builds upon repeat clients and referrals, and she is very proud of the reputation she has built over the years in both private and corporate arenas. She conducts consultations in person, and can travel for corporate agendas, as well as work via Skype.

Catherine’s  “Thursday Kick!” entries are based on her many years as a medical intuitive, consulting hypnotist, and expert on color and human response. Thursday Kicks! are motivation for your soul and you can sign up for your free monthly “Kick!” right here on this site.