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Uncle John's Turtle; Watercolor; 2014; 33" w x 25" h

Uncle John’s Turtle; Watercolor; 2014; 33″ w x 25″ h

Educated as a graphic designer, Catherine Poole, (Abingdon, Virginia) taught color theory and graphic design for more that fifteen years, including nine years at the University of Notre Dame. Intrigued with the interplay of light, water and pigment, Catherine’s watercolors have been described as having “more color than water” due to her unusual technique of layering color on color to achieve saturation, depth and realism.

As an artist, Catherine’s primary medium has been watercolors, yet throughout her design career, she has never shown professionally. Taking time now to follow her passion, Catherine has begun a series of watercolor explorations into hue saturation, value contrasts, and lifting color for added depth and texture. this technique creates very dynamic color compositions with dimension and energy. In her artist statement she reveals,

“The media of watercolor is challenging, particularly when one strives to show that watercolor can be bold, rich and dramatic. My research and expertise has always been with color, color psychology, color theory, and our emotional connection with color. Art is a valuable healing experience for both the creator and the observer. Art is what started me on this journey as “The Queen of Color”. I now have come full circle, realizing that all along, art, in its many aspects, brings me joy!”

Catherine’s complete collection of original watercolors can be viewed and available for purchase at The Gallery @ Barr Photographics, Abingdon, Virginia.


Bluebird; Watercolor; 2014; 19" w x 15" h

Bluebird; Watercolor; 2014; 19″ w x 15″ h

Dutch Memories; Watercolor; 2014; 17.5" w x 25" h

Dutch Memories; Watercolor; 2014; 17.5″ w x 25″ h


Henry's Crocus; Watercolor; 2014; 19" w x 15" h

Henry’s Crocus; Watercolor; 2014; 19″ w x 15″ h


Morning Rose; Watercolor; 2014; 15" h x 19" w

Morning Rose; Watercolor; 2014; 15″ h x 19″ w